Aerodynamics research paper

Automotive aerodynamics is studied using both computer modelling and wind tunnel testing. For the most accurate results from a wind tunnel test, the tunnel is sometimes equipped with a rolling road. This is a movable floor for the working section, which moves at the same speed as the air flow. This prevents a boundary layer from forming on the floor of the working section and affecting the results. An example of such a rolling road wind tunnel is Wind Shear's Full Scale, Rolling Road, Automotive Wind Tunnel in Concord, North Carolina and Auto Research Center in Indianapolis, Indiana USA.

Powertrain: The current Verano is powered by a choice of a 180-hp -liter four-cylinder engine or a 250-hp turbocharged -liter four-pot—the latter even offered with a manual transmission . While it’s possible that one or both of the current engines could carry over, it’s also likely that GM’s new small-engine architecture will be employed in some way—perhaps with a -liter turbo four installed as the new base engine. (A turbo is also a possibility.) We also could see GM’s torquey -liter turbo-diesel appear at some point to give Buick an answer to Audi and BMW oil-burners. If Buick gives the Verano a GS variant— which could happen even before the new model arrives —expect it to use the 250-hp -liter of the current Verano Turbo and be offered with six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions. (Hey, Buick: We’d also love some Opel OPC chassis goodies.) Lesser Veranos likely will be automatic-only, with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic among the possibilities.

Aerodynamics research paper

aerodynamics research paper


aerodynamics research paperaerodynamics research paperaerodynamics research paperaerodynamics research paper