Ap world history 2011 essay samples

Section II lasts for a total of 100 minutes, and it includes a document-based question (DBQ) and a long essay question (LEQ). Students are allowed to work on either essay within this total time period. The section begins with a 15-minute reading period where students are advised to read both the documents for DBQ. However, students may begin writing during this time; most students take notes on the documents in order to plan out the DBQ. Students are advised to spend 45 minutes writing the DBQ and then 40 writing the LEQ, but there are no rules on when each essay must be worked on. There are three prompts for the LEQ, but only one needs to be chosen. Each LEQ prompt addresses a different period, with one addressing periods 1 & 2, another addressing periods 3 & 4, and a third addressing periods 5 & 6.

As an international group of scholars and teachers with a mission to “advance scholarship and teaching within a trans-national, trans-regional, and trans-cultural perspective,” the WHA condemns discriminatory actions and promotes evidence-based research, the integration of diverse histories, the free exchange of ideas, and education for the common good of the human community. We supported the statement issued by the American Historical Association on the January 2017 executive order, and will continue to work with the AHA and other scholarly societies on actions that support our mission. We encourage our members to provide historical context on current issues from a global perspective whenever the opportunity arises. All people are welcome to participate in events sponsored by the WHA, as we work to advance historical knowledge and prepare students and the public for an interdependent world. 

Ap world history 2011 essay samples

ap world history 2011 essay samples


ap world history 2011 essay samplesap world history 2011 essay samplesap world history 2011 essay samplesap world history 2011 essay samples