Best topic for college admission essay

One of the nation’s largest and most respected laboratory organizations was recently accredited to CAP 15189. This is a significant event in the clinical laboratory marketplace. It is recognition that implementation of a quality management system (QMS) such as CAP 15189, is an essential underpinning that labs must have in order to deliver value and sustain quality, even as reimbursement declines. You’ll get important insights into why leadership at ARUP considered CAP 15189 to be a strategic priority. You’ll explore the plan for implementation across a very large laboratory organization. Insights about gaining lab staff buy-in and sustaining the change will be shared. This is one of the first opportunities to learn directly from ARUP about the successes and lessons learned in implementing CAP 15189 in a lab organization that is already tightly-managed and successful.

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Best topic for college admission essay

best topic for college admission essay


best topic for college admission essaybest topic for college admission essaybest topic for college admission essaybest topic for college admission essay