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The most interesting news for me is the idea of Big Data Associative Indexing. Although I am foggy on the details, it seems that we will soon be able to spread the associative engine load for an app across more than one node. Unlike the “Direct Discovery” feature that was touted as the answer for Big Data (it was not), Big Data Associative Indexing represents a breakthrough in the core technology and a REAL SOLUTION for big data. This will absolutely bring the power Qlik to much larger data sets. I cannot wait to learn more about this.

The crews from both stations [7 and 13] were relocated to two air-conditioned “Wester Shelters”, temporary structures frequently used by urban search and rescue teams and wildland fire teams for crew operations. The tents have been erected outside of Station 13 along with a portable shower and toilet facility to reduce the impact on emergency services coverage in the area. The interior kitchen space was isolated from the impacted living spaces based on recommendations from a professional pest control manager and the bedbug K-9 handler to provide the crews with access to essential laundry facilities, stove and refrigeration.

Why is it that race is always brought up when discussing the present presidents qualifications. There is more to being a president than what color his skin is. Does anyone realize that Obama has never run a business or actually held a job that was not publically funded? If anyone has actually dealt with the real world requirements of working for a check that is dependent on the results of their work then you might know what I am referring to. If you do not meet deadlines and schedules your job will surely disappear unless you are related to a member of the company or the government. This is what is causing problems in our country and economy today. Either be a responsible employee and or parent and actually perform your duties or be a worthless member of our society. The worthless members of our society have outnumbered those of us who actually work for a living and are responsible for what we do.

Blog skin thesis theme

blog skin thesis theme


blog skin thesis themeblog skin thesis themeblog skin thesis themeblog skin thesis theme