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Motor oil is made from crude oil and is used to lubricate, clean, and cool engines. Types of motor oil include conventional, synthetic, diesel, bio-based, hybrid (blends of conventional and synthetic), and recycled oils. Motor oil varies in weight and viscosity, as well as additives that some manufacturers add to the oil during the refining process. A numerical code system created by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) grades motor oils according to viscosity--the higher the number between 0 and 60, the more viscous (thicker) the oil is. Most consumer motor oils are graded by two numbers, with the first number indicating cold weather (Winter or "W") performance.

“AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are specially formulated for the longer oil change intervals recommended by OEM vehicle manufacturers today. AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils help provide better wear control, high- and low-temperature protection and increased fuel economy compared to conventional oils. The oil drain interval recommendations for many of today’s vehicles extend well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile interval, some up to 12,000 miles with electronic oil monitoring systems. Its advanced synthetic technology resists chemical breakdown for maximum wear protection (and peace of mind) well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile oil change interval. AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils provide excellent protection and performance for the entire length of the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendation.

I am s sucker for rebuilds,Now I’m a Therapist, semi retired, I went to the Dump the other day, where we have a Dump Shop in Ozz we call them Tip Shops, and picked up a B/S Quantum 60 Mulcher and cutter, after hoisting it on my bench, I bonded with it as I do with the clients, I pulled it down, Oil in The Head, grass everywhere, then I noticed a started motor under neath all the cowling,so I pulled it all apart,and blocked all the intake holes, and High pressure washed it after degreasing it, I started to put it all together after High Pressure air blowing it, and so far I have spark and a strong one at that. I have sprayed all the cowlings and will check to also cleaned, blade assembly cleaned and re set and sharpened as they always do a better job if one sharpens them and less revving, I hate high reving starter assembly is missing however,and there seems to be brackets for another cable control, been looking all over the net ,cannot find would appreciate any help as I intend to use the starter on is the second Mower I’ve re built as well as 4 Bicycles in the last 3 weeks,one of the bikes was $9 and after a major clean up and a small rebuild with some parts,I checked on the net ,it’s now worth between $600 $1,200 Ozz. I also treat people. This is what I like about semi can do whatevr I like, Clients for about 3 days the rest I suit myself, I even fit in a bit of help would be appreciated.

Buy 0w20 synthetic oil

buy 0w20 synthetic oil


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