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I’ll be honest with you. There’s a lot of people out there who are biased toward Ford, they only like Chevy, they only like Dodge. I want a vehicle that’s going to work effectively and accomplish the mission and be easy to maintain, easy for my drivers to operate. I have a number of Fords, I have a number of Chevy’s, I have a number of Dodge’s. The most important thing is that you have a vehicle that has a lift or a ramp. When I say a lift, there’s some that are manual, there’s some that are hydraulic. What I typically prefer are hydraulic lifts versus manual ramps. There are still a number of people out there who have manual ramps and they prefer manual ramps. You have to remember a hydraulic lift is a machine within itself. It is subject to wear and tear, periodic breakdowns, and you do have to maintain them. A manual ramp, you don’t. But the difference is with the hydraulic lift, it better serves the customers, the customers feel a lot more safe going up on a hydraulic lift than being pushed up or tilted back on a manual ramp, especially if that person is heavier in body weight, especially if it’s in the colder or wet rainy season or snow, they’d rather be more secure, and it makes more sense. And I’ll also put in as a side note, another reason why you typically want to lean towards vehicles that have the hydraulic lifts, is because of workers’ comp issues. If you’re pulling and pushing someone up a ramp that’s a heavyset person, realistically you are not only exposing that client to potential hazard but also your driver. He could risk pulling out a back and that’s a potential workers’ comp case. In the past I have had manual ramps, and if I was driving myself, I don’t have a problem with manual ramps. But for my drivers I really prefer hydraulic lifts, especially for my clients as well. So when you ask about the specific vehicle, it’s not make or model, as it is what kind of vehicle? Does it have a hydraulic lift or manual ramp? Is is a side mount or rear mount? You’ve got to look at your vehicle as an asset. Are you going to take good care of it? Absolutely. Why? Because it’s going to make you money. Does that mean that you take it outside and spit shine it everyday as if it was your own prized private antique car? Of course not. It’s going to get wear and tear, so unlike, let’s say, a limo, you compare an ambulette to a limo. A limo is going to be much more upscale, you definitely have to polish it all the time, take good care of it. And you’ll have to do the same thing with your ambulette. You’ll have to make sure that you have a good maintenance program, but there’s going to be a lot more nicks and dings and bangs because you’re loading and unloading a person in a wheelchair, sometimes a stretcher, so it has to be much more rugged than a limousine. And that being said, I also encourage people to consider getting used vehicles. A lot of people just starting out, they think they absolutely have to get a new vehicle. Absolutely not, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Again, I’ve been in business since 1999 and I will not hesitate to invest in a used vehicle, because there are just some great deals out there.

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LOVE this site. I have been using it for a few years now. I was super upset when the site closed down for a while. So yeah, I have 2 suggestions. The first one isn’t really a big deal, but still thought I’d mention it: the default letter grading is weird. Before, it was perfect. A 90 was an A, and an 80 was a B and so on. Now there is A+at 90, and an A- at 80, and so on as default. It’s no big deal. One can easily change it, but I’d still like to bring it up. Second, I would LOVE it if one was able to add decimal places to both the grades and the percentages of grade. For ex, a class w only 3 tests, all weighted equally, each are worth %, and not the 33% that I’m able to enter. An on a test is different than an 84, or an 85, and each are different in 33% of the grade average, or 34% of the grade average. Whether you change these things or not, thanks for making this site. It has saved me from countless hours of worrying.

Do my medical home work for me

do my medical home work for me


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