Essay about dubai city

Three pictures last Thursday with an article about the re-emergence of the Odeon, a fixture of the downtown Manhattan dining scene, were published in error. They were of scenes from Cafe Luxembourg on the Upper West Side, not of the Odeon. (The filmmaker Gus Van Sant, shown in one photograph, was misidentified as Jim Jarmusch.) In addition, the article described incorrectly the frisée salad, a signature dish of the Odeon. It is made — and always has been — with a poached egg, not a chopped egg. The article also misidentified a mall near the restaurant. It is Brookfield Place — not Westfield World Trade Center, which is also nearby. And because of an editing error, the article gave an outdated name for another restaurant owned by Keith McNally and Lynn Wagenknecht, who together opened the Odeon in 1980. It is now the Cherche Midi, no longer Pulino’s.

Many people from poverty-stricken countries immigrate to Dubai in hopes for a better life-but it does not always work in a way that they planned. First off, Dubai is an absolute, illiberal monarchy: although it is only a small city that is a part of a small, fairly young country, the Sheik is a part of continuous and ancient line of succession. Many people who have moved there in hopes of supporting their families are often disappointed and their efforts to send resources to their needy families are usually frustrated. While Dubai allows foreign workers to immigrate for work, the emeriti government has strict policies that restrict these immigrates from bringing family with them. Employers provides their employees with housing and food, but these employees have to meet very strict financial requirement in order to become eligible to bring their families into Dubai. 99% of the land is owned by the Sheiks, and all business ownership endeavors must be in partnership with the Sheiks. In this way, the Sheiks have become extraordinarily wealthy.

Essay about dubai city

essay about dubai city


essay about dubai cityessay about dubai cityessay about dubai cityessay about dubai city