Essay on perserverance

The last part of her narration tells the success of the patient in getting pregnant and subsequently delivering twin baby girls. The patient becomes the writer’s friend at the end of the story, a development that brings me or any reader back to a joyful mood after reading the upsetting hardships experienced by the patient. The successful way of bringing the reader through the different moods in the short story is a fine technique of keeping the reader interested in reading the story. This short tale written about life in an . clinic shows that even short narratives can have a very profound effect on readers.

For the next two years, she toured Europe and America giving speeches to various groups and promoting aviation. In autumn of 1934, her ambitious nature and love for flying caught up with her again, and she announced to her husband, George Putnam that her next venture would be a trans-Pacific flight flight from Hawaii to California. This was her most courageous flight yet, as ten pilots had already lost their lives trying to fly the same course she was about to set forth upon. On January 4th, 1935, Amelia took off from Hawaii and later that day landed in Oakland California to a cheering crowd of thousands. For the next few months, she went back to promoting aviation through lecture tours almost nonstop.

While temperance primarily concerns tactile pleasures, it also concerns our emotions. Part of temperance is to control our anger. Part of temperance is to govern our sexual desire, and temperance in that department is generally called chastity. Chastity is not synonymous with celibacy, but it means governing our sexual desire in accordance with our state in life. Temperance also concerns our desire for knowledge. An uncontrolled desire is curiosity, exemplified as Ulysses who took ten years to return home because he was always seeking new adventures and experiences. The right measure is called studiosity or studiousness, which is the disciplined search for the truth. It is also possible for our natural desire for the truth to be dulled because of a life of comfort and pleasure, and then we may suffer from a dullness of the intellect for which we are morally responsible.

Essay on perserverance

essay on perserverance


essay on perserveranceessay on perserveranceessay on perserveranceessay on perserverance