Example essay happy marriage

One reason why it is difficult to define happiness is that it comprises a variety of different states and emotions . At one level, it can be the gentle feeling of contentment which comes from being in a good relationship, but then it can also include for example  the more immediate feeling of joy when one passes an exam. Another problem in defining it is that it can vary with culture, age and personal preference. For example , a young male from a privileged background in the UK may view it quite differently from an older female in Africa living in circumstances where the next meal is rather more important than the latest Xbox.

As the child grows he finds happiness in small things like new toys, new dress, sweets etc. When they grow still further they try to find happiness in their friends. When they are big enough they try to find happiness in other people by falling in love. Many people find happiness in making money, so they are always on the run, in search of big careers and thus minting money. Finally, when they make enough money and when they are about to enjoy this money, they realize that it’s about time to spend the money in hospitals. Finally that’s where we all end up! Do you think this is how it should be? I think given any situation or circumstances people can be happy. Happiness lies within. I would like to cite a few examples here: As we go for a walk in the morning, if we come across a hungry animal like a cat or a puppy, we can be happy just by giving it little milk or water. Later during the day as we enter the world of stress we can be happy by the fact that we fed a little animal today, if that thought can make us smile and feel proud, I feel that is true happiness. Many a times we see elderly people playing together with children, the happiness that we see on their faces are so genuine, that we too smile at the sight; sometimes we just brush it off thinking that they are crazy! Have you ever thought about that moment? That small game that they are playing together takes that grandpa out for a temporary period from this stressful world, and makes him also a child for a short span of time. This small deed can make him feel happy for the rest of the day. If we learn to smile in all the small things that we do throughout the day, it will keep us positive, we will have good thoughts, words and deeds throughout the day. We should learn the mantra, “it will pass” as we all know that whatever be the situation it will not be permanent, it will pass. This is also a secret mantra to be happy.

Example essay happy marriage

example essay happy marriage


example essay happy marriageexample essay happy marriageexample essay happy marriageexample essay happy marriage