Failed capstone essay

It appears to me that there is a hidden meaning, which is the most obvious and commonly stated one: that Milton was a gnostic and Paradies Lost is an exegesis of his gnostic thought. The mysteries in the subtext identified by the author here seem best explained by the gnostic idea that God is in fact the evil demiurge that created the world, while Lucifer is the true force of good who brings enlightenment and wisdom to the poor people who are as prisoners in the evil world created by God. To be sure, this is not a view I hold to, but I recognize it exists, and it seems the most logical meaning of Paradise Lost.

They're blind and fat and they are insatiable. They will eat anything – guano, black worms, dead and decaying fish – and they will keep eating until all the food is gone. Unlike other fish, which eventually get full, these fat fish just keep going. They are Mexican cavefish, which adapted to living in the dark by losing their eyes – no need to see – and adapted to living in a place where food is only available twice a year when the river floods by getting as fat as possible. They also have a slow metabolism so they keep the fat on.

Failed capstone essay

failed capstone essay


failed capstone essayfailed capstone essayfailed capstone essay