Geography river study coursework

During the Middle Ages , the fall of the Roman empire led to a shift in the evolution of geography from Europe to the Islamic world . [20] Muslim geographers such as Muhammad al-Idrisi produced detailed world maps (such as Tabula Rogeriana ), while other geographers such as Yaqut al-Hamawi , Abu Rayhan Biruni , Ibn Battuta , and Ibn Khaldun provided detailed accounts of their journeys and the geography of the regions they visited. Turkish geographer, Mahmud al-Kashgari drew a world map on a linguistic basis, and later so did Piri Reis ( Piri Reis map ). Further, Islamic scholars translated and interpreted the earlier works of the Romans and the Greeks and established the House of Wisdom in Baghdad for this purpose. [21] Abū Zayd al-Balkhī , originally from Balkh , founded the "Balkhī school" of terrestrial mapping in Baghdad . [22] Suhrāb, a late tenth century Muslim geographer accompanied a book of geographical coordinates, with instructions for making a rectangular world map with equirectangular projection or cylindrical equidistant projection. [22] [ verification needed ]


  • Where is the place (longitude, latitude, continent, hemispheres)?
  • How far away from home is it (travel time by plane, distance in miles or kilometers)?
  • What countries are neighbors of the country?

  • Place

  • Describe the place (size, shape).
  • What is the climate (temperature, rainfall)?
  • What kinds of physical features are there (mountains, rivers, deserts)?
  • Describe the people who live there (nationalities, traditions, etc.).

  • Human-Environment Interactions

  • How do people use the land (farming, herding, mining, industry)?
  • How have people changed the land?
  • Where do most people live (near a river or coastline, in the mountains)?
  • Why do you think people settled there (water, safety, food, natural beauty)?

  • Movement

  • How will you travel to the place (route, drive, fly, walk)?
  • Does the country export goods to other places? If so, what and where?
  • Does the country import goods from other places? If so, what and from where?
  • Why would people leave or move to the country (jobs, family, climate, war)?

  • Regions

  • What language(s) do people speak?
  • What are the political divisions of the country (states, provinces, republics)?
  • How is the country similar to any of its neighbors (traditions, language, climate)?

Geography river study coursework

geography river study coursework


geography river study courseworkgeography river study courseworkgeography river study courseworkgeography river study coursework