Grinning and happy thesis

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I liked the gray moral ground that was explored through the wife patient, since it humanized our doctors more as emotional beings. Though I agreed with Ji-hong’s initial decision professionally, his change of heart didn’t make me trust him any less as a doctor or as a character. We already know that Ji-hong is crazy skilled as a doctor, and I actually thought it was interesting to see him doubt and question his emotional detachment. In fact, his questioning felt very cohesive in this episode, with the earlier discussion of his violation of his father’s DNR. It’s that personal investment that intrigued me more about his character, making me wonder where he draws the line before going down the slippery slope of too much emotional attachment.

Grinning and happy thesis

grinning and happy thesis


grinning and happy thesisgrinning and happy thesisgrinning and happy thesisgrinning and happy thesis