Independence day pakistan essay kids

Significance of the day:  it is needless to speak of the significance of the Independence Day in our life. Freedom is the birth right of man. No one has any right to snatch away this right. Despite the fact, we had to suffer deadly for lack of freedom for a pretty long time and live quite a sub-human life. We had land but we had no native land. We had language but we had no voice. Speak the truth, we were treated just life the inanimate objects of the earth. So we had no other alternative than to stand upright for the cause of our existence. We shattered the shackles of slavery and won independence in 1971. So the achievement of independence is a milestone in the life of the bangles. It is not merely a date of yearly calendar. It is a day of great thrill. It, is a day of great sensation. It is a day of great victory – a victory of justice over injustice, a victory of truth over falsehood, a victory of light over darkness, a victory of freedom over slavery and a victory of humanity over inhumanity. It is a day of taking on oath of dedicating life for the cause of motherland. It is a day of learning the great lessons that the will of people prevails, for man is born to be free and that the weapons of freedom needn’t be very big and that the oppressors will always be defeated and that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

A brief history of Nigeria's struggle for independence
Historical evidences indicate that the earlier inhabitants of Nigeria were thought to have the Nok tribe followed by Kanuri, Hausa and Fulani who migrated to the country in the subsequent years. In the 13th century Islam was introduced in Nigeria, and the Kanem Empire continued to rule the country till the 14th century. With the annexation of British in 1886, it became a British colony in the later years. After years of hard struggle and political turmoil Nigeria achieved independence on 1st October 1960. The vast landscapes of the country, stretching from the Obudu Hills of the southeast through the beaches in to the rainforest regions of the Lagos estuary the country has worth while natural splendors to explore. Culturally one of the diverse countries of Africa, Nigeria is home to more than 250 linguistic ethnic groups as Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani and Igbo. The folk music of Nigeria has gained tremendous boost with indigenous fusion giving it a new dimension in the past few years. The economy of Nigeria has come of age with the exploration of oil and petroleum deposits which accounts for nearly 50% of its income. Also the vast mineral resources extensively contribute to the economic upsurge of the country. The Nigerian Independence day remains incomplete without paying marked homage to its famous freedom fighters and leaders who have inspired the country independence struggle.  

Independence day pakistan essay kids

independence day pakistan essay kids


independence day pakistan essay kidsindependence day pakistan essay kidsindependence day pakistan essay kidsindependence day pakistan essay kids