Iphone vs storm essay

Another reason for giving preference to Android is this operating system lets its users manipulate multimedia files much easier than Apple devices. In fact, if you are an Android user, you can simply drag-and-drop your files into the device’s folder (which is another Android’s advantage), whereas Apple products want you to manage your music with iTunes, and your photos with iPhotos (Business Insider). In general, working with files on Android is also easier, because Google, unlike Apple, grants users access to a device’s filing system.

Apple and Samsung are two of the greatest electronics manufacturing companies throughout this decade. They also have the biggest rivalry amongst themselves. The fierce competition is due in part, to the products produced by Apple and Samsung- phones, tablets, PC’s and laptops. There are various subtle differences and similarities in these products. These two companies are constantly competing against each other, thus causing the argument about who is the best amongst their customers.
The first differences between Samsung and Apple are the type of phones they produce and the names of the phones that they produce. Over the past few years, Apple and Samsung have been in a “phone battle”. Apple is most known for its iPhone series, and it considered nothing but the best to their “Apple-Heads”. The size of a phone is extremely important to customers who desire a device that is sleek, portable, but still looks like a phone. Apple introduced the concept of making the screen longer while the width of the phone would essentially stay the same. This was great thinking on Apple’s part because it gave their customers exactly what they were looking for in a phone and more. Apple’s iPhone six -inch wide screens left a group of “phone-geeks” wondering why Samsung continued to increase the size of their phones. According to an article in Computer Active, Apple and Samsung both were equipped with the inch screens, but the iPhone 6 had a higher resolution (Computer Active 1). However, Samsung manufactures knew exactly what they were doing when they developed the Galaxy s5. This phone has a -inch wide screens allows the owners to browse the web, watch movies, and multitask more easily. This leads us to our next difference, which is the efficiency of the technology.
Technological, Apple and Samsung do not differ that much. They are both well equipped with touch interfaces that have a lot in common such as tapping, swiping, and ...

Iphone vs storm essay

iphone vs storm essay


iphone vs storm essayiphone vs storm essayiphone vs storm essayiphone vs storm essay