Julius caesar betrayal essays

Antony raises an army to attack the men who have killed Caesar. Brutus soon learns that Cassius is corrupt and greedy. Cassius, through his conception of the assassination plot, has gotten Brutus into this battle with Antony, yet he refuses to provide financial support for Brutus' army. 'I did send to you/For certain sums of gold, which you denied me,' Brutus says, at last realizing the kind of man Cassius really is. While Brutus' belief in citizen self-determination has led him to betray Caesar, Cassius is willing to betray Brutus for money.

After years of supporting Pompey their swift change of opinion shows that they can’t think for themselves and their loyalty and devotion go to the person with the most power. ‘Knew you not Pompey? ’, this shows that they are easily swayed, veering from supporting one character to the next after Caesar’s murder, for example they hail Brutus as a hero. Then Antony’s speech, supposedly only done to “bury Caesar,” persuades them to support him, and they run riot in the city, chasing the conspirators into panic. Need essay sample on "Loyalty and Betral Julius Caesar" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Julius caesar betrayal essays

julius caesar betrayal essays


julius caesar betrayal essaysjulius caesar betrayal essaysjulius caesar betrayal essaysjulius caesar betrayal essays