Kristallnacht essay

Bannon used Breitbart News to attack not only Democrats, but Republicans as well. He skewered mainstream conservatives for their preoccupation with economic issues and small government, while ignoring illegal immigration, global trade deals that hurt American workers, cultural progressives, and Washington cronyism. 20 These positions resonated with many white nationalists, some of whom became fellow travelers with Breitbart News . But it would be misleading to characterize Breitbart News as a white nationalist vehicle for no other reason than its largely Jewish roots.

Kristallnacht (also called Reichskristallnacht , Reichspogromnacht , English : Night of the Broken Glass ) was a two-day pogrom that happened against Jews in Nazi Germany and parts of Austria . It was between 9 and 10 November 1938. About 30,000 Jews were moved to concentration camps , and over 1,500 synagogues were pillaged and partly destroyed. Also, almost all Jewish cemeteries in Germany and Austria were destroyed. This marked the change from discriminating against Jews to actively persecuting and deporting them.

Learning about the Holoacust makes me think about if I was going through some things like that in my life and what would I do and how would I react to that.. You know I think not alot of people think that what Hitler did was very hoffific and was really real he showed the most hatred and almost the highest anount of intolerance in history... I wouldnt have the slightest doubt that the Holocaust never happened because there are survivors who have the stories to tell and the scars to prove how they lived... but this article and other sources has helped me understand the Holocaust..

Kristallnacht essay

kristallnacht essay


kristallnacht essaykristallnacht essaykristallnacht essaykristallnacht essay