Opinion essay about gay marriage

Thank you sharing your story.. It was brutally honest but in a way to inform us that don’t know the real consenquences or those thinking of going into that lifestyle. I’m a woman I have a friend who came out of that lifestyle as well but he has never opened up to this extent. Still I thank God like himvyou were set free from that bondage. Your name is Joseph and I cant help but be remind of the years of pain and bondage Joseph suffered only to become second only to Pharoh in the land. God restored those lost years to him and blessed him with a family/legacy. I know that by putting your faith, hope and trust in Jesus as your Savior, He can restore you completely and you can leave a legacy of men who have turned away from engaging in this or being set free by your testimony. Again thank you for sharing may you grow in the Love and Grace of God in Christ Jesus!

Here the major weapon in its cultural armoury is the offer of a traditional Church wedding. Christians need to do all they can to promote the attractiveness of this event - which should include the churches getting involved in the offering of "total wedding packages." Such packages would offer reception, transport, photography and so on, all at a good standard yet at far more reasonable rates than their secular rivals. In this way, a secondary objective might also be achieved of reducing the ludicrously extravagant sums that are increasingly spent on weddings by people that can ill afford them. Of course these packages need to be backed-up by better pre- and post-marriage guidance than is offered elsewhere.

Opinion essay about gay marriage

opinion essay about gay marriage


opinion essay about gay marriageopinion essay about gay marriageopinion essay about gay marriageopinion essay about gay marriage