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It is commonly understood that correctional environments are primarily designed for the young and able-bodied, who comprise the majority of prisoners (Aday 2003; Carlisle 2006; Kerbs & Jolley 2009; Potter et al. 2007). As such, many researchers have argued that older prisoners’ health concerns are exacerbated by many prison environments and regimes (Aday 2006; Carlisle 2006; PRT 2008). Research findings support this and suggest that prison environments and regimes poorly cater for the needs of older prisoners with physical disabilities, such as limited mobility (eg requiring the use of ramps, wheelchairs, walking frames or sticks), hearing or vision impairments, infirmity or incontinency (Aday 2003; Carlisle 2006; Grant 1999; Kerbs & Jolley 2009; LeMesurier et al. 2010; Potter et al. 2007; PRT 2008).

This course will explore the various approaches to reducing crime and the theories that inform those approaches. The course aims to provide understanding of the empirical evidence regarding the distribution of crime across offenders, victims, and places/spaces; various theoretical explanations for these patterns, with most emphasis on those theories that form the underpinnings of situational crime prevention; practical techniques for preventing crime using situational approaches, community-based approaches, social developmental approaches, and criminal justice system-based approaches; key issues involved in the implementation of crime prevention strategies, including competency, ethics, and displacement; and key issues involved in the rigorous evaluation of crime prevention strategies.  Required course in the Law Enforcement & Crime Prevention concentration.

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Oxford thesis corrections

oxford thesis corrections


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