Police racial profiling essays

We need to ensure that people of colour also feel safe in their communities. Many police officers in Britain are doing great work with minority groups but it’s hard when they are supported by an institution that still runs counter to the liberal attitudes this country is supposed to project. We have to bring an end to stop and search which rather than finding criminals very often creates them, and we need an urgent review of the criminal justice system so that we can scrape out the last remnants of racial bias – Prevent and face recognition to name just two – that it still promotes.

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Supporters defend the practice of racial profiling by emphasizing the crime control model . [29] They claim that the practice is both efficient and ideal due to utilizing the laws of probability in order to determine one's criminality . [29] This system focuses on controlling crime with swift judgment, bestowing full discretion on police to handle what they perceive as a threat to society. [29] The use and support of racial profiling has surged in recent years, namely in North America due to heightened tension and awareness following the events of 9/11 . [30] As a result, the issue of profiling has created a debate that centers on the values of equality and self-defense . [30] Supporters uphold the stance that sacrifices must be made in order to maintain national safety, even if it warrants differential treatment . [30]

Police racial profiling essays

police racial profiling essays


police racial profiling essayspolice racial profiling essayspolice racial profiling essayspolice racial profiling essays