Pros and cons technology essay

Implementing TEA within an individual assessment, or the assessment programme for a module is not an insignificant undertaking, but is achievable. Initiating a broader transformation, however, requires a high level of investment, both in technology and in staff and student training, particularly if the assessment is to be used summatively . Any widespread implementation needs to be aligned with institutional and external policies and the pedagogic benefits to students clearly identified. You also need to ensure that there is a commitment to provide adequate support both for the production of assessment materials and their delivery. Such a shift may require a cultural change that can take sometimes take a while to achieve. This further emphasises the need for a strong pedagogic grounding for any decisions to move in this direction.

This makes the notion of creating a structure and culture of respect all the more important since day one. Identify specific projects, times during class, and the specific intentions you have for allowing the use of technology in the classroom. Creating expectations and guidelines for the students, and sticking to them, will be important for them in respecting your boundaries. It will be better to use technology that students already have (smartphones, laptops, etc.) for good and valuable learning experiences, rather than pretend like those devices aren’t present in your class in the first place.

I agree with you completely, especially in regard’s to a teacher’s role in the delivering education. Unfortunately, not all school districts think the same way. In my district, when a student fails a class, instead of having to repeat the class in summer school or even the following school year, they are enrolled in online education classes to help them make up their missing credits. A student who applies themselves to completing the course could easily be finished with a semester’s worth of “work” in a week. I have heard students say that they will just take the online class rather than try in the teacher led course because “what’s the point?” In that respect, I think the availability of technology is a disservice to the education of the students.

Pros and cons technology essay

pros and cons technology essay


pros and cons technology essaypros and cons technology essaypros and cons technology essaypros and cons technology essay