Rebuttal essays

Now back to those awards from the African-American Film Critics Association. They named Terrence Howard as best actor for "Hustle & Flow," and Felicity Huffman as best actress for " Transamerica ." Hold on! Felicity Huffman is white! How could she be the best actress choice of the African-American critics? Because, Robertson says, they thought she gave the year's best performance. Is "Transamerica's" story of a transsexual merely one more case of Hollywood (let's get this right) throwing its star-powered weight behind something that everyone but Neo-Nazis agrees on already? Or could there possibly be a connection between such an award and the message of "Crash?" Now how about that.

So the studios are really only looking at franchises. It’s why Disney made John Carter. It’s why Disney made The Lone Ranger. You think it did that out of nostalgia? We could argue if the gambles were worth it and hindsight is easier to mock them for it, but studios need franchises to justify their very few attempts at making a movie of “worth”. Disney has Star Wars now. Not sure how you feel about it since Disney now owns my childhood, but I would be very surprised if it took another gamble like John Carter again anytime soon.

Rebuttal essays

rebuttal essays


rebuttal essaysrebuttal essaysrebuttal essaysrebuttal essays