Research paper airplanes

A subsequent pioneer in airplane flight (both paper and real) is Sir George Cayley , the man who identified the four primary aerodynamic forces of weight, lift, drag, and thrust. In 1804—just shy of a century before the Wright Brothers’ flight—Cayley built and flew the first successful human-controlled glider based on his observations that the propulsion of the plane should generate thrust and the shape of the wings should create lift, as opposed to the long-held belief that the propulsion force should generate both forward motion and lift, like da Vinci’s failed ornithopter or the wings of a bird. Cayley documented the tests of his ideas using small model gliders made of linen that he flung from the hillside near his home in Yorkshire, England.   

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Research paper airplanes

research paper airplanes


research paper airplanesresearch paper airplanesresearch paper airplanesresearch paper airplanes