Singapore essay competition 2011

On Sunday (24 Sep) Angela Merkel secured a fourth term as Chancellor of Germany, but her election victory was overshadowed by a surge of the far-right, which will see the first far-right party making it into the federal Parliament in German post-war history. The setbacks suffered by Angela Merkel would add some uncertainties to the Franco-German cooperation on the future of Europe. On 26 September, French President Emmanuel Macron gave a wide-ranging speech at the University of Sorbonne laying out his vision to revitalise the European Union. The future of Europe without Britain in the EU is now the subject of intense media attention. The formal Brexit negotiations which began in June this year was reportedly not making enough progress after three rounds of talk. Catalonia’s decision to hold an independence referendum to decide whether it should stay within Spain has spiraled into a political crisis. The European Commission was silent on the political crisis brewing in Spain but was busy setting out its policy plans for migration and asylum, aiming at resettling (on a voluntary basis) 50,000 refugees over the next two years, primarily from Turkey, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia. Click on the image to read more.

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A country's good governance is also a source of power and influence in the world. Singapore's relative absence of corruption, its strong rule of law and the good balance between development and environment are much admired by the world. The fact that the World Bank has ranked Singapore second in the list of countries for ease of doing business is an asset. The fact that Singapore is a very liveable city and is clean and green is also an asset. Foreigners also praise Singapore's safety and envy the fact that in Singapore, women can go out on their own at any time of the day and night.

Singapore essay competition 2011

singapore essay competition 2011


singapore essay competition 2011singapore essay competition 2011singapore essay competition 2011singapore essay competition 2011