The curse of macbeth research paper

 Many accidents have happened onstage, but is Macbeth really more prone to these than other plays? The stage is always a health and safety nightmare, though precautions are in place to make it as safe as possible. In the 1997 Hamlet , Susannah York fell off the stage late in rehearsals breaking a bone in her heel. Diana Quick replaced her at short notice and played the part for six weeks. Darrell D’Silva, the RSC’s most recent Antony in Antony and Cleopatra , had an accident which damaged his hand while handling a firearm in rehearsals.

The cleansing rituals have been parodied numerous times in popular culture, including in Blackadder , Slings and Arrows , The Simpsons , The West Wing , and Make It Pop . [7] For example, in the Blackadder episode " Sense and Senility ", a parody ritual performed by two actors involves slapping each other's hands pat-a-cake fashion with a quickly-spoken ritual ("Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends"), followed by tweaking the other person's nose. In Slings and Arrows , a guest director mocks the superstition by saying the word "Macbeth" onstage, spins around, and falls off on her third spin, resulting in an injury that takes her out of commission for the rest of the season. On The Simpsons , the core five are invited into a performance by Sir Ian McKellen (in Scottish attire, clearly in the title role). The family keeps saying the title, which only makes more bad luck strike the actor, including lightning striking him and the "MAC" falling from the signage (leaving the "BETH"). [8]

The curse of macbeth research paper

the curse of macbeth research paper


the curse of macbeth research paperthe curse of macbeth research paperthe curse of macbeth research paperthe curse of macbeth research paper