Thesis on biodiesel from algae

During September 2015, . and German teams of atmospheric ice nucleation research collaborate at the Storm Peak Laboratory , Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to intercompare methods for sampling ice nucleating particles from ambient air. This activity called FIN03 is the final major experimental activity within the Fifth International Ice Nucleation Workshop (FIN). The KIT PhD student Thea Schiebel is participating in this activity as part of her 3 month visit to the Colorado State University which is supported by the KIT Graduate School for Climate and Environment (GRACE) 

Several types of Biodiesel were tested, including Biodiesel derived from another oil crop, winter rapeseed. Rapeseed is grown extensively in Idaho, Canada and Europe to produce Canola. Biodiesel made from Canola has very similar properties to the Biodiesel made from soybean and other plant oils. In the Idaho study, the Biodiesel test fuels were (100%) rapeseed ethyl esters (REE), rapeseed methyl esters (RME), 50% blends of REE or RME, and 20% blends of REE or RME with petrodiesel. The reference fuel was conventional (Texas) No. 2 petrodiesel ("2D"), a low-sulfur diesel formulation mandated nationally by the EPA since 1993 .

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Thesis on biodiesel from algae

thesis on biodiesel from algae


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