Thesis wreck room

The recording of the engine remains by LAMP divers resulted in measurements of a 26-inch bore and a 30-inch stroke. These dimensions are a perfect match with the schematics for the single-expansion steam engine built by the Neafie & Levy yard in Philadelphia as listed in the 1882 survey produced when Commodore was first registered. This data, when considered with the accumulated evidence gathered to date, finally substantiated the identification of this sunken vessel as the Commodore beyond a reasonable doubt.

While PILPA has recently relinquished its share of the wreck's title to Don Serbousek, the Ponce Inlet Light Station continues to serve as a depository and conservation facility for Commodore artifacts and maintain a permanent display on the shipwreck at the Principal Keeper's Dwelling.

Thesis wreck room

thesis wreck room


thesis wreck roomthesis wreck roomthesis wreck roomthesis wreck room