Usc marshall mba essays 2012

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The purpose of this article isn’t to elicit bitchy comments from readers. So stop it, it’s not constructive to anyone. I think the author genuienlly wants to understand everyone else’s perspective. For me, I had the fortune to know what I want to get out of b-school and I have had many doors opening to me. I was able to successfully transition a career from one industry to another. Could I have done so without MBA? Probably, but the motivation to leave my last cushy job just wasn’t there. I was afraid to uplift my life for uncertainty, but b-school really shielded us from fear of failure (well most of us). If you don’t land your dream job, you will always find a high-paying job with your elite degree. You may not get into VC in the Bay, but you will find a decent corporate finance role in a fortune 100 company. So I think it’s great that I got a chance to chase dreams and met great friends during the journey

Usc marshall mba essays 2012

usc marshall mba essays 2012


usc marshall mba essays 2012usc marshall mba essays 2012usc marshall mba essays 2012usc marshall mba essays 2012