Ward churchill 2001 essay

This is a case that should never have gone to trial. A matter such as this should have been settled long ago. Because of the hot political spotlight, “cooler heads” were never able to prevail at the University of Colorado. The University left Professor Churchill in personal and professional limbo for 4½ years. The University wasted its resources in this matter, including time and money. Because the University of Colorado is a public institution, I assume that we will eventually get to see an accounting of what this episode cost the State of Colorado. They should be ashamed.

On 27 May 1940 a Home Defence Executive was formed under General Sir Edmund Ironside , Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces , to organise the defence of Britain. At first defence arrangements were largely static and focused on the coastline (the coastal crust) and, in a classic example of defence in depth , on a series of inland anti-tank 'stop' lines. The stop lines were designated Command, Corp and Divisional according to their status. The longest and most heavily fortified was the General Headquarters anti-tank line, GHQ Line , which ran across southern England, wrapped around London and then ran north to Yorkshire. It was intended to protect the capital and the industrial heartland of England. Another major line was the Taunton Stop Line , which defended against an advance from England's south-west peninsula. London and other major cities were ringed with inner and outer stop lines. Some 50 known stop lines were constructed in Britain, though some of the less important lines were just demolition belts and not all lines were completed.

Ward churchill 2001 essay

ward churchill 2001 essay


ward churchill 2001 essayward churchill 2001 essayward churchill 2001 essayward churchill 2001 essay