What is man and other essays

lt is a pity the man in question died while comitin ’re all sinners coz we comit sin in one way or d other on a daily basis.
can u recall how many lies u told 2day?
can u recall u rain insult, curses,n abusive words on dat fellow u said offended u last month? can u recall how u betrayed some-body who has greatly helped u in d past n brot untold hardship to him? what about d girl u used n dumped n is in great pain as a result? what about those who r killing innocent people thru shooting n bombing coz their religion assures them many virgins n other rewards when dey enter heavn? hv u thot about some of our leaders who hv corruptly enriched demselvses so much so dat an individual is richer than 3 states put 2geda. d list is endless may God hv mercy on us

Hello. I have made a new Locust Toybox album called "Stringland". Locust Toybox is music I make with real instruments, computers, samples and a bit of my voice. I try and sound like nothing else but I'm sure it'll remind you of something. I use Locust Toybox music in almost all of my cartoons......but this album is not just background ambience - it is meant for listening to. Some of the songs are quite upbeat. I make music that I would want to hear. Anyway you've probably already decided whether or not to give it a try, so I'll waste your time no longer and throw you a link. You can listen to it for free or buy it for a fiver (that's £5) - but I'll also make it free to download eventually. I just thought I'd see if anyone would ever pay for my music (and some people have already - so thanks for that)

What is man and other essays

what is man and other essays


what is man and other essayswhat is man and other essayswhat is man and other essayswhat is man and other essays