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== Changelog ==
= =
* We’re back! The development of this plugin has been resumed. I’m working on adding new features and supporting existing bug and pending requests. Thank you for all your kind support!
* Optimizations have been applied throughout the source code, to improve performance. Class declarations are now standardized and functions are easier to read and manage.
* Add new experimental geolocation widget to greet your visitors with the name of the city they’re connecting from. This is very much work in progress, and your feedback on how to improve it, is more than welcome. You can find the widget under Appearance > Widgets.
* We had to skip a few version numbers because of a mistake in numbering our previous release: PHP evaluates as , so in order to release an update, we had to start from

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Thanks WPgirl for the reco—what I have been looking for is a pluggin that allows a gallery set to be used, but each image can have it’s own url—to either a specific page in the site or url outside the site… I’ve been using a pluggin I found here: http:///wordpress/add-a-custom-url-to-your-wordpress-gallery-images/#comment-534742126  but can’t quite get it to work right (it doesn’t override the default setting of linking to image in lightbox or attachement page, even thought it let’s me put in a unique url associated with the image).

Wordpress thesis share

wordpress thesis share


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